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  1. Wikipedia reveals how Facebook's hip hop can pep up PHP sites
    How Wikipedia halved the time it takes to make edits to its pages by switching to Facebook's Hip Hop Virtual Machine.

  2. TempleOS: an educational tool for programming experiments
    James Sanders explores what drives one man to write an operating system for x86_64, and what the programmer's finished product looks like.

  3. Pro tip: Add a dashed line in an Android layout
    Save yourself hours of consternation by using this workaround to add a dashed line to your Android layout.

  4. Create web ads using Flite's Design Studio HTML5
    Design Studio HTML5 enables you to create ads for device-agnostic browsers and devices. See if our reviewer recommends it.

  5. Play with code in the .NET Fiddle sandbox
    C# and VB.NET developers can use .NET Fiddle to play with code within a browser window and to share code via URL.

  6. Use Dreamweaver to find and fix your website's broken internal links
    See why Dreamweaver is the ideal tool for locating and fixing broken internal links on your local websites.

  7. Cool HTML5 implementations in application development and gaming
    Ryan Boudreaux reviews trends within HTML5 and provides examples of how HTML5 is being implemented for web, mobile designs, and gaming and development platforms.

  8. Create cross-platform apps with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile
    Jacob Orshalick shows how simple it is to develop a cross-platform app using PhoneGap and the jQuery Mobile framework.

  9. Three must-have web development tools
    Tony Patton starts each web development project with a certain set of tools. See what's in his toolbox.

  10. Android developers, prepare for fine-grained user permissions
    William J. Francis fills you in on the Android App Ops privacy feature and explains why he believes it's good for users and developers.